naomi_mainI completed a BSc(Hons) at ANU and a PhD at the Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge. I continued my research in Cambridge with a Junior College Fellowship at Peterhouse (1995-1999), and then moved to ANU to take up an ARC Australian Post-doctoral Fellowship. I have been awarded two subsequent ARC Fellowships (Australian Research Fellowship 2004-2010, Australian Research Fellowship 2011-2015) to continue my research on avian evolutionary ecology at ANU.

I am interested in a wide range of subjects within the fields of behavioural and evolutionary ecology, including breeding systems, brood parasitism, signal evolution and communication. Current projects include:

  • Coevolution between cuckoos and their hosts
  • The impact of climate change on inter-specific interactions
  • The evolution and functional significance of bird song
  • The impact of extreme climatic events on breeding biology
  • The ecology and conservation of forty-spotted pardalotes
  • The ecology and evolution of female competitive traits


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